Refreshing Retreats for Caregivers

To assist in stopping the spread of COVID-19 I elected to StayAtHome and sincerely hope you and your loved ones stay safe, well and healthy.  I shall move to new formats and announce new dates.


April 2020 Join me to discuss CAREGIVING FROM A DISTANCE."  Let's focus our energy, hearts and minds to bring forward the best of ourselves in the worst of situations.  Let's talk about what may help you during this time!  Contact me at 612-402-7906.


A coaching and art workshop for those caring for persons living with Alzheimer’s or brain changes.  Are you a caregiver who could benefit from increased energy, momentum, calm—and a plan?  Are you interested in new methods of approaching life as you are faced with continual change?  

·      Notice behaviors challenge perceptions of living.

·      Experience grief and loss along the way.

·      Learn how to turn current understanding into new narratives and practices. 

·      Energize.  Refresh your creative-self and reset your compass.


Recognizing the need for these in yourself and others guarantees your situation may have been, at times, overwhelming; you may have been frustrated with the system; and/or sadness may have launched forth unexpectedly.  Yes, indeed.  Vulnerability allowed us to feel and acknowledge our way.  I myself preferred not to. Feel that is—you may have already guessed that didn’t end well.  I learned the hard way; you have better options.


24 sweet hours gives us time to examine our beliefs and discover practices that will center and shape each “home-base”, a place to begin again after each and every change. Using the still life, literally, and as a metaphor, we’ll employ creative processes to reflect and gain understanding.  Make art. Discover guidance through expression.  Painting will be our primary visual method and you may also collage, write, and/or bring in movement.  If you’ve lived for more than two minutes, you are already creative.  It’s fascinating.


We come as we are.  We gather, work together, rest and recharge.  You’ll have support and guidance.  Insights from the group help us invent new ways to surf changes, honor and support those we love, and make meaning of this life.


Cancelled in light of COVID-19 Pandemic

 March 20-21, 2020.  Begin Friday, 12 noon-end Saturday, 12 noon. Westward Look Resort and Spa, Tucson, Arizona, limited to 12.  Set in the desert foothills of Tucson with gorgeous gardens. 45 minute drive from TUC airport.  Retreat workshop, 3 meals and art materials: $293/person.  Lodging is available at the special rate of $154/night ($149 room/$15 resort fee). Now accepting reservations for this session.


I'd love to customize a retreat for your group, work place or family.

Give yourself vital rest, energize, gain knowledge and a process. 



What a difference a day makes!


To discuss a session that would most benefit you and yours-- call or text Jan today.  (612)402-7906




"Jan Marie Erickson is an ideal coach for creative people who need faith in themselves to live their best lives.  She's smart, artistic, gifted, and deeply committed to her clients.  Both on the content side, (where invention, psychological freedom, and technical mastery are essential) and on the delivery side (where business skills and long-term planning must prevail), she has the vision and skill to support and inspire those who work with her.  If you know you have something great to achieve, but you need that extra bit of encouragement from a solid supporter, give yourself the gift of hiring Jan."


Martha Beck, Author, Life Coach, Contributor to O Magazine